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Masters of Cinema Monthly April 2012 – Lifeboat, Pasolini, Lubitsch and The Birth of a Nation
The 1915 film has shocked audiences with its attitudes towards race yet remains one of the defining films of the silent era. THE BIRTH OF A NATION will join Eureka's Masters of Cinema Series, the home of classic silent movies, and will be released later in the year on Blu-ray for the first time in a dual format (DVD & Blu-ray) edition. Just in case I wasn't convincing enough in encouraging you to pick up Masters[...]
Douglas Trumbull Talks About His Next Space Adventure
Douglas Trumbull's wonderful directorial debut Silent Running is released on Blu-ray today, its first time in this format The release is limited edition so don't hang around if you want to pick one up You should, it's great. You can read all about this new release in Masters of Cinema Monthly, and also enter a competition to win[...]
Masters of Cinema Monthly December 2011 – Silent Running and Touch of Evil
I'm therefore going to just focus on the two latest releases, the first fruits of MoC's deal with Universal – Silent Running and Touch of Evil These are really extraordinary releases though, and there's plenty to talk about. Before I get to my thoughts on the new discs though, how would you like to own both[...]