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Staged: Tennant and Sheen Return in New Year’s Eve Special
Simon (Simon Evans) is still a twat who just has to mess everything up His (fictional) sister Lucy (Lucy Eaton) is still the one everyone likes more than him Tennant and Sheen's sanity is on a razor's edge once again It's like Staged never went away! Is the BBC really asking for a third series of[...]
Staged 1592: Tennant and Sheen Still at it in Red Nose Day Special
Once again, creator and writers Simon Evans is the butt of the joke, even if he doesn't appear in the story All this to hold off on Tennant and Sheen just doing what their one job was supposed to be: thank everyone for their generous donations. We would like to take this opportunity to remind US[...]
Staged Series 2 Ep 8: At the Endgame, it’s All About Friendship
The real scalp David and Michael have collected is writer-director Simon Evans' The network has agreed to let Phoebe Waller-Bridge, hot screenwriter on top of A-list actor, take over the rewrites for the US remake After all, she rewrote the new James Bond movie (still unreleased) Simon is toast Because he can't write women Even[...]
Staged Series 2 Ep07: A Truly Twisted Climax in the Shadow of Fleabag
Simon (Simon Evans) is going to meet the new stars to talk about a rewrite of the script Knowledge is power, and David and Michael bribe Tom into letting them crash the zoom call with offers of hanging out with him when they next hit LA. Still from "Staged Series 2 Ep 7", BBC And the stars[...]
Michael Sheen and David Tennant in "Staged", BBC Studios
Gossip, backstabbing, passive-aggression, and Sheen scaring the hell out of their duplicitous director (played by writer-director Simon Evans as a wimpy version of himself), who keeps trying to pass the buck about who's to blame for problems and faux pas throughout the production It was, in effect, a spiritual sequel to Good Omens with Tennant[...]
Programme Name: Staged - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: David Tennant, Michael Sheen - (C) GCB Films/Infinity Hill - Photographer: Simon Ridgeway and Paul Stephenson
The director Simon (played by series co-writer and actual director Simon Evans) suggests they rehearse the play via zoom… except he's too terrified of Michael Sheen to bring it up and begs David Tennant to convince him to do it. Two Actors In Search of… Something, Anything! The 6-part series comes in 15-minute episodes that are[...]