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The Shakeout: Ten WWE Stars That, Sadly, Just Need To Go
Maybe she can help Impact out in some way like former women's talent before her. Sin Cara credit//WWE If WWE were a car, and every wrestler in that car served a specific function, then Sin Cara would be the second pen you have stored in the glove compartment to take notes in case the first pen doesn't work[...]
WWE Wrestler Sin Cara Gets Anger Management For Backstage Fight With Chris Jericho
There's a new development in the story of the backstage brawl that occured on WWE's European tour between Sin Cara and Chris Jericho Following the fight, which reportedly saw Sin Cara punch Jericho and Jericho bite Sin Cara's fingers, and which witnesses say was won by Sin Cara, Sin Cara will be sent to anger management[...]
Chris Jericho Comments On WWE Backstage Brawl
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool told you about a backstage brawl between wrestlers Chris Jericho and Sin Cara, which was reportedly won by Sin Cara Today, Chris Jericho has taken to Twitter to dispel rumors that he was knocked out during the fight, though he doesn't comment on who won: Hmmm haven't been KOd since 1994 in Hakata[...]