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HBO Max is bringing Chappelle's Show, Key & Peele, and more to the streaming service (Image: HBO Max)
Along with the long-running animated series' entire episode library (???), new episodes are set to air on the streaming service 24 hours after they air on Comedy Central. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Dave Chappelle for President – Chappelle's Show ( CHAPPELLE'S SHOW: Featuring stand-up, sketch comedy and musical performances, Dave Chappelle takes on[...]
Yoshimura appeared in SNL's Star Trek-oriented sketches: Star Trek: The Last Voyage during the show's early years, then recently in Star Trek: The Lost Episode with host Chris Pine (star of the Paramount films reboot from JJ Abrams) playing William Shatner as Captain James T Kirk. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Star Trek: The[...]
Important Stranger Things 3 Storyline "Spoiled" by Saturday Night Live
In what can only be seen as a huge breach of security on the parts of Netflix and series co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer (The Duffer Brothers), NBC's long-running sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live were apparently able to get their hands on some early script pages from the third season of the streaming services insanely[...]
The Scion Sketch Stolen Under Jim Cheung's Nose At Motor City Comic Con
Jim Cheung writes, This Scion sketch is accompanied by a disappointing back-story It was requested by a fellow (I hesitate to call him a fan) at Motor City Comic Con this past weekend, who, when I momentarily had my head turned, decided to disappear with the artwork …without paying for it. If this sketch pops up anywhere,[...]
Batman Takes A $.25 Break…
One of those things being convention sketches Artist, Drew Rausch, who rocked my world with his work on Edward Scissorhands shared a particularly special sketch of the Dark Knight. This guy wanted "Batman on a Gargoyle" We make dreams come true at Sac Con! — Drew Rausch (@Drew_Rausch) March 13, 2016 Now that's a Batman I'd like[...]
Has Anyone Seen Ben Caldwell's Harley Quinn Sketch In A Wonder Woman Black Bag?
This is Ben Caldwell's original art cover sketch for the Harley Quinn black bag variant cover edition, slipped into a random issue of the black bagged Wonder Woman #47. And, it seems, no one has found it yet. Is it sitting in a back issue box unopened? Sitting in a pull list, waiting not to be unopened? Sitting in[...]
A Retailer Unboxes An Original Dark Knight III Jim Lee Sketch Cover
For every five thousand copies of Dark Knight III: The Master Race that retailers ordered, they got a copy of the comic with an original art sketch by Jim Lee on the front I'm told that there were around twelve qualifying copies. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: A Retailer Unboxes An Original Dark[...]
A Ming Doyle Harley Quinn Sketch In A Black Bag
It may well have been the Harley Quinn Little Black Bag variants that did it, helping lift DC Comics' marketshare a tad in December. What DC Comics isn;t admitting to, for fear of falling fol of certain state lottery laws, in confirming that a number of artists have drawn on special black sketch variant covers, inserted[...]
The Comic Sketch Collection That Is Definitely Worth Money
Posted to /r/comicbooks and imgur by TinCanGoat, his collection of sketches from ECCC, RCCC and the Boise Library Comicon, on a variety of dollar bills… in almost sequential order He says "The first twenty pages (or forty bills) are part of a sequential stack." [...]
Frank Frazetta Superman Sketch Sells For Over $35,000
But this Superman sketch by Frank Frazetta sold for a lot more, $35,420.   The auction also saw another Superman piece, a rare Superman linen-mounted one-sheet for the movie serial released by Columbia in 1948, sell for $16,761. While the Official Green Hornet Working Black Beauty Dashboard boxed Remco set , setimated to sell between $2,000 to $5,000, tripled that high by selling at $14,055. Checked[...]
And Finally… Frank Cho Sketches Shanna And Spider-Gwen – Outrage Fading?
Quite a dulled "Outrage" there for this sketch cover drawn by Frank Cho and sold at a recent comic book convention Could the fire in Frank's belly be subsiding? Or does he need a comment from Robbi Rodriguez to get him going again? Come on Robbie, you know it makes sense…   Quite a dulled "Outrage" there[...]
Countdown Clock Ticks Down To Mark Brook's Exclusive Spider-Gwen #1 Variants
His website currently has a countdown with 15 hours to go, at midnight tonight ET, 9pm PT, 5am BST. All the books will be signed unless specified not to be, and CGC certification will be available as an option. He'll also be doing a very limited number of CGC 9.8 guaranteed sketch versions on a first come first serve[...]
Now Its Time For *You* To Sketch On The Cover Of Sex Criminals #11
This time, however, it won't be bagged with a possible sketch by Matt Fraction and/or Chip Zdarsky. The cover, featuring a faceless Matt and Chip will encourage people to add their own sketches and post with the hashtag #BrimperSketch. One winner will be chosen and will win: one signed THE WICKED & THE DIVINE #2 Zdarsky variant where Zdarsky himself[...]
The Very Rude Sex Criminals #11 Sketch Variants Sell For Over $90
Both bagged, one hid a 1:35 sketch by the creators, Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, the other, a secret cover by Bryan O'Malley. This Sex Criminals #11 sketch cover by Fraction, has sold for $150 NSFW obviously. Another equally NSFW sketch from Matt has sold for $145. While this more tasteful smooth bum by Zdarsky sold for $140[...]
This Captain America Is Not By Jack Kirby
No, this Captain America sketch, though signed from Jack Kirby, is not by Jack Kirby Not even a little bit That doesn't stop it being sold on eBay as if it were by Jack Kirby for $2000 Australian dollars. The listing reads… Was brought from an elderly gentlemen who in turn brought it from a Kirby Collector[...]
Niles Teases New Project with Worm
Steve Niles of 30 Days of Night fame, teased a new project today with horror artist Damien Worm by showing off the first character sketch Worm is known for his twisted and dark art but doesn't seem to have any published comic work that I could find.   Started work on new project with artist Damien Worm[...]
Now We Get Charlie Adlard Faked Sketches With Forged Certificates Of Authenticity
We've covered the story of the sketch scammers of Detroit, who fakes a seris of sketches from Fiona Staples, Robert Kirkman, Rob Guillory and Norm Breyfogle, as well as signed products, backed them up with forged Certificates Of Authenticity and either sold them or traded them for high value items that they could then sell[...]
Now We Have Fake Robert Kirkman Sketches On eBay With Fake Certificates
This is not a Robert Kirkman sketch of a zombie. Neither is this. And neither is this a certificate of authenticity from Meltdown Comics. Another fake, just like the Rob Guillory Chew fake earlier today That one was ended, will this? This is not a Robert Kirkman sketch of a zombie. Neither is this. And neither is this a certificate[...]
A Fake Rob Guillory Chew Sketch
This is not a sketch from Rob Guillory of Chew. This is not a certification from And Books Too This is an eBay con. This is not a sketch from Rob Guillory of Chew. This is not a certification from And Books Too This is an eBay con. This is not a sketch from Rob Guillory of Chew. This is[...]
DC Comics Launch Blank Variant Covers For A Year For We Can Be Heroes
They woill be sold at the same price as the normal comics, with no allocation, but a dollar from each will go to the charity. These blank covers are popular for getting sketches from comic book creators Perhaps these might add to the inspiration?         DC Comics are releasing a series of blank variant cover variants of[...]
Win Your Own Alex Ross And Jae Lee Original Sketch Cover Of The Shadow #1
Visually it's rather faithful to earlier versions, while the writing gives us a hard pulp take on the character. But what if The Shadow could look like anything? Dynamite have prepared a series of hand sketched covers by Alex Ross and Jae Lee, some of which have been going for $2000 and $800 a piece, and arrived[...]
Sixteen Alex Ross Original Sketch Covers For The Shadow #1
Retailers could get one of these Alex Ross hand sketched covers for The Shadow for every 250 issues of The Shadow #1 they ordered from Dynamite Entertainment. One retailer has already sold his for $2000, plans to sell a Jae Lee sketch cover for $800, and any of the copies he ordered that he doesn't sell,[...]
The Frank Miller Fakes Of eBay
On the left, the item sold on eBay for $765 after fifteen bids, listed as a Frank Miller Elektra sketch And on the right, the actual Frank Miller sketch. On the left, the item sold on eBay for $46 after ten bids, listed as a Bruce Timm Hellboy sketch And on the right, the actual Bruce[...]
Bill Sienkiewicz And The Troll
In 2007, comic book fan Scott commisioned a sketch from Bill Sienkiewicz, who was attending Wizard World Texas that year Scott paid the $100 in advance and waited And waited A few emails were exchanged But last year, Bill's e-mail started bouncing. He posted his story to the Collectors Board last year, only for Bill to[...]