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NetEase Games Has Officially Acquired Skybox Games
NetEase Games has announced the latest acquisition for their company as they revealed Skybox Labs is now under their umbrella The Canadian-based studio has been working with the China-based publisher for a while now, so essentially this is just making it official ownership We don't have the finer details of the deal, but what we[...]
"Stela" Gets A Release Date For Both PC & Nintendo Switch
SkyBox Labs announced this week that they will bring Stela over to the Nintendo Switch and PC on Steam to be released on March 13th The game will come with a number of improvements and additions, which will be released as a free update for the Xbox One and Apple Arcade versions, but be standard[...]
Cinematic Platformer "Stela" Shows Off New Environments at PAX West
Skybox Labs' Stela is a cinematic platformer about a young woman who witnesses the final days of a mysterious ancient world So, you know, it's a very low-stakes game The game will launch on Xbox One later this year, and we're pretty excited for it, to be honest This has been one of our indie highlights[...]
SkyBox Labs' Stela is a Beautifully Simplistic Puzzler
credit// SkyBox Labs SkyBox Labs' Stela is described as acinematic, atmospheric platformer which centers around a you g woman who witnesses the final days of a mysterious ancient world and needs to solve puzzles to escape from various foes The puzzles all have a timed element to them, as the enemies will immediately race at the player,[...]
SkyBox Labs Announces New Xbox One Game Called Stela
Ahead of GDC 2019, SkyBox Labs has decided to announce a brand new game they're making for the Xbox One called Stela The game itself looks a lot like the 2016 puzzle title Inside, as you're controlling a character in what appears to be a platform adventure title with more of a 3D world vibe going[...]
Halo: Infinite
It appears 343 Industries are looking for a little help this time around as they have formed a new partnership with SkyBox Labs to work on Halo: Infinite The latter released a statement today, with both companies alluding to the idea that the game is so big and ambitious, they needed to come together to[...]