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No Skylanders For Console in 2017 Means That Activision Is Crushing My Godson's Dreams
My broader news point here is that Activision is basically taking the year off from Skylanders stuff, which is an interesting decision given that the property makes a decent amount of money. However the last Skylanders console title was Skylanders Imaginators which did not review very well Game Informer gave the Imaginators a 7 and called it "somewhat uninspired…[...]
Crash Bandicoot Is Back With Three Remasters And A Skylanders Appearance
That's all we know so far, so the extent of work done going to be done on these is pretty unclear right now. The other announcement, which did leak a few days ago is that the character is going to appear in Skylanders Imaginators on Playstaiton 4.Here is a trailer for that: can't be loaded because[...]