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Shia LaBeouf Apologises To Dan Clowes Even Bigger Than Before
5 miles long message from our team The Skywriters — Skywriting Aerial Ad (@Worldwideskyads) January 1, 2014   Shia LaBeouf plagiarized Daniel Clowes in a script, then plagiarized tweets—!— in his apology But this seems legit: — Kriston Capps (@kristoncapps) January 2, 2014   Do you think Daniel Clowes accepts Shia LeBeouf's apology now? — Ahm Seventysix (@Ahm76) January[...]
Californians, Look Up In The Sky: The X-Men Logo Skywriting Campaign Is Spreading
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool told you about an interesting X-Men First Class marketing campaign that involved skywriting the X-Men circle-X logo over the skies of Los Angeles Right now, the campaign appears to be spreading to other areas Reports have the logos spotted in Newport Beach and San Diego so far Where will they[...]