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Undercover Underage: ID Series Aims To Unveil Online Predators
The work of SOSA & Roo Powell will continue to be shown as Discovery+ has given Undercover Underage the greenlight for a second season The compelling, intense & critical docuseries follows the work of Powell who poses online as underage decoys, working to identify the internet's most dangerous child predators for law enforcement. Source: Investigation Discovery A previous[...]
Undercover Underage: BC Talks With Roo Powell On ID Series & SOSA
Powell is an award-winning writer, child advocate, and founder of SOSA, a non-profit committed to raising awareness and combating the pervasiveness of online child sex abuse and exploitation The SOSA team includes Powell, Shelby Chikazawa, Matt Monath, Avalon Esposito, Kelly Becker, and Sergeant Mark Suda.  I got a chance to ask Powell about both the[...]
Undercover Underage: ID Series Aims To Unveil Online Predators
SOSA, or Safe From Online Sex Abuse, is a non-profit organization followed in this series, including the ups and downs of tracking down potential predators seeking to groom and/or assault underage individuals, mainly young teen girls. Source: Investigation Discovery  Undercover Underage follows the team in real-time as they transform Roo, a 38-year-old mother of three, into a[...]