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Daredevil #607 cover by Phil Noto
The Man Without Fear interrogates Mike but is interrupted when Trapster, Speed Demon, White Rabbit, and Overdrive enter the bar After that brawl, Daredevil goes to Frank McGee for help from the Inhumans. Daredevil #607 cover by Phil Noto I can't say I was expecting the return of Mike Murdock anytime soon. That's not a complaint; Mike Murdock[...]
New Thunderbolts
Speed Demon is a charming asshole Genis-Vell is crazy and interesting I just love all of it. The villains, Baron Strucker, Purple Man, Atlantean terrorists, and, later, the freaking Grandmaster, are great Swordsman plays an interesting role later on Moonstone's return was dramatic and shocking. Tom Grummett's artwork is very much in the vain of Mark Bagley's[...]