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The Secret Origin of Red vs Blue in Video Game Multiplayer
Speedball, Salamander, Twin Cobra, even Contra all used red and blue to differentiate the first and second players. However, Atari's Control! just might be the first ever use of the red vs blue dichotomy in video games Released in 1977, Control! Has different colored tanks, planes, and jet fighters for each player Including, you guessed it,[...]
Marvel's 'New Warriors' Series Not Moving Forward At Freeform
Deriving her powers from the same squirrels she has the ability to communicate with (hence the name), Green is a skilled fighter with enhanced acrobatic skills; but perhaps her greatest "super power" is her innate ability to have faith in people and teach them to see the "inner hero" inside of them. New Warriors is set[...]
These Are Your New Warriors For The Upcoming Freeform Series
"Dwayne is the one who's enterprising and really trying to figure out the business side of this entire thing," Biegel says, "but at the same time he really does care about justice." Robbie Baldwin (Speedball) A guy whose childhood was spent watching Quinjets take off from Avengers Tower, Speedball has the knack — though maybe not the[...]
Could Speedball Be An Inhuman Next?
Be warned. Speedball, Robbie Baldwin, was created by Tom DeFalco and Steve Ditko as a Marvel Comics New Universe character that never made it to publication. Appearing in Amazing Spider-Man, he then had his own series, before joining team book New Warriors and knocking around the Marvel Universe, until – guilt ridden at the many civilian deaths[...]