Speculator Corner: Speedball #1 Out Of The Quarter Box And Into Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Speedball, created by Steve Ditko, ran in his own series for ten issues in 1988 until it was cancelled. Robbie Baldwin, teenager, transformed into a cosmic singularity, a kinetic energy field of bounciness.

The character was then resurrected for the New Warriors series, and then transformed into the tragedy-hit Penance after the Civil War crossover. And now he's back in the NEw Warriors series. For a bit.

But those original issues are proper quarter box fodder.




And now…


Well, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22 featuring his first appearance sells on eBay for a buck. Speedball #1 for the same. But most issues can be found in comic stores for cents.


So… will Speedball appear in Agents Of SHIELD? We know Mockingbird is… and if so, will it be a joyous day for retailers still stuck with so many copies after twenty-five years?


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