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Hello, loyal readers! Today, we would like to share our experience in playing Spell Saga, a game by SUBHEATHEN Publishing It is our hope that it might give you the personal initiative to take the steps to get ahold of it yourselves. The order in which the Spell Saga quickstart guide instructs that players should stack the[...]
Spell Saga playmat
Spell Saga, a self-proclaimed "tabletop novel"-style game, is the brainchild of SUBHEATHEN Publishing, a relatively-new publisher comprised of Todd Michael Rogers and Lauren Rogers The game is meant to be a solitary event played by just one person, and while it allegedly takes a bit of time to get the hang of, it is meant to evoke[...]
SPELL SAGA  deck 1 standard edition
But what happens when a solitary tabletop game aims to provoke an emotional response from the player? Enter Spell Saga, a newly-developed game by SUBHEATHEN Publishing This card game gives new life to this idea both by harking back to the critical thinking needed for Solitaire and soliciting emotions like many role-playing games of our[...]