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The Eighteen Comics And Graphic Novels Of Book Expo America -The Weight Of Glory
Spera had flown under my radar previously, and is now up to three collected volumes These books are very attractively bound and presented, and that's what made me pick them up and have a look initially. Spera started as a webcomic featuring "chapters", all written by Josh Tierney and illustrated by a mid-sized army of very[...]
Thirty-Four Thoughts About Thirty-Four Comics – Uber, Grindhouse, Garfield, Spawn, Mara, Lazarus, Mind The Gap, Fantomex, Action Comics, All New X-Men Special, Mighty Avengers, Infinity Hunt, Movement, Earth 2, The Star Wars, CBLDF Liberty Annual, Hinterkind, Witching Hour, Hit, Robocop, Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth, Crossed Badlands, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, Mighty Avengers, Detective Comics, Iron Man, Hunger, Bushido, Spera, Quantum And Woody, Shadowman, Suicide Risk, Bedlam And Occultist
I'm going to say with that samurai sword and those clothes and the fight that you are already fighting with that sword and scantily clad women wielding knives are calling you samurai that… yes? You are? While in Spera from Boom/Archaia, monsters have a way of getting your attention without biting your head off[...]