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Kickstart From The Heart: Elaine Lee And Michael Kaluta's Starstruck
Kaluta have brought their long running series Starstruck to Kickstarter.  They want to fund a 176 page graphic novel that  showcases one of the lesser known Starstruck characters, Harry Palmer.  They have fully funded the black and white edition, but are going to needs some help to print the book in full color.  With only 3 days to[...]
Friday Trending Topics: Starstruck
Kaluta and I, just week before last, received a letter from a Marvel/Disney attorney, challenging our rights to Starstruck, a project that was briefly with Marvel/Epic, supposedly their creator-owned imprint, almost three decades ago. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Marvel Sends Mike Kaluta And Elaine Lee Cease And Desist Over Creator Owned Comic (UPDATE) Elaine Lee wrote, this morning:[...]
DC Comics Cancels Fifth Volume OF R.E.B.E.L.S.
Due to be published at the end of the year, Starstruck by Tony Bedard and Claude St Aubin is still available to order from Amazon But sadly, it won't be in your Christmas stocking, DC have cancelled it. However all is not lost After all, DC is most definitely still publishing Hitman Vol 5, Tommy's Heroes,[...]