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ACE Comic Con
Lee's cameos are so famous they've even got their own line of Funko Pops! He's also done a little bit of work in comics that you may have heard about. And next up for Lee is a cameo at ACE Comic Con in Glendale, Arizona from January 13th-15th. (PRNewsfoto/ACE Universe) The convention is a part of Gareb and Stephen[...]
shamus bros
Our new platform is centered on creating an unforgettable experience for fans by featuring meet-and-greets with stars from the latest hit superhero movies, quality vendors, professional creators, superior venues and immersive programming." And Stephen Shamus, President of ACE Universe, said: "We can't wait for seasoned Comic Con fans to experience our events, and we're excited to introduce[...]
Stephen Shamus Accuses Wizard World Executives Of Looting The Company
We've been following the case between Wizard World and co-founder and ex-executive Stephen Shamus. Shamus has submitted a number of papers to the court regarding the suit and his countersuit. Specifically, an attachment order to ensure that they have the money to pay out if they lose against him He has issued Wizard an order of attachment[...]
Stephen Shamus Names Names In Case Against Wizard World
We've been following and reporting on the Wizard World Vs Stephen Shamus case being going through the courts With pop culture comic convention organiser Wizard World initially launching the case stating that Shamus had been stealing from the company, and engaging in fraud Wizard co-founder Shamus denied this, stating that he hadn't been paid what[...]