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When Will Primark's Minnie Mouse Stiletto Heels Be Available?
The latest for Primark collectors, and yes that is a thing, to obsess over is what are referred to as being Minne Mouse stilettos Covered in sparkly glitter, the shoes with a little bow tie in the back and the bow shape of the back of the heel – and no actual licensing tie-in to[...]
Noir, Thomas Alsop, And Showing Up To The Party – Palle Schmidt Talks Comics
Brubaker and Phillips' Criminal is another favorite. With STILETTO I approached the art in a much more gritty, sketchy fashion, influenced more by people like Bill Sienkiewicz, Ashley Wood, and the German artist Matthias Schultheiss, [who] I rediscovered at that time It was so much easier for me to work this way – a lot faster,[...]
Comics For Beginners Is A Goldmine Of Resources For Aspiring Creators
You can find the latest podcast here. [Collaboration between Seth Kushner and Nathan Schreiber on the series Schmuck] Palle Schmidt, the instructor on Comics For Beginners, is the creator of the graphic novel The Devil's Concubine and has an upcoming book STILETTO He also blogs at I've been hearing about the podcasts running on the Comics[...]