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Method Man to Star in Podcast Adaptation of Marvels from Marvel and Stitcher
Following up on the apparent success of those Wolverine podcasts they've done, Marvel is branching out further into podcasts with partner Stitcher for a podcast adaptation of the classic Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross comic, Marvels Marvels is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary as Marvel celebrates its 80th, and that has included a re-release of[...]
Marvel Releases Wolverine: The Long Night Podcast Series Trailer
Marvel has teamed up with podcast platform Stitcher to help Wolverine violate your ear holes with the 10-episode podcast Wolverine: The Long Night, and they've released an audio sample from the series for you to check out below. Written by comic book author Ben Percy (Green Arrow, Teen Titans) and directed by Brendan Baker, with Chloe[...]
Wolverine audio drama
According to a report from Mashable, Marvel has teamed with premium podcast network Stitcher to create an audio serial podcast starring the stabby mutant. Called Wolverine: The Long Night, the podcast will run for 10 episodes, available exclusively on Stitcher in Spring 2018 before being released on other podcast outlets in the Fall The story teams[...]