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Sweet Release! Fallout 4, Rise of The Tomb Raider, StarCraft II: Legacy of The Void, Xbox One Backwards Compatibility, Superbeat Xonic, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival
 Microsoft committed to over 100 games being available upon launch, which you can find with this helpful link!  As per Microsoft, backwards compatibility can only be implemented with the publishers consent so don't expect Red Dead Redemption, Bully, and The Orange Box just yet, but it's a promising start. Backwards compatibility releases Thursday on the Xbox One. If you took[...]
The Collector's Edition: Microsoft Can't Dig It
 Despite the fact Ryan walked back those comments saying, "there is still first party Vita content being worked upon." the Vita's life cycle is ending sooner rather than later and it makes it all the more bitter sweet that when a game releases for it.  That includes Superbeat Xonic.  From a small group of developers, PM Studios,[...]