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Teen Titans Go! to the movies
He once owned one of the more impressive vintage comic collections ever, until someone stole part of his collection, including his copy of Action Comics #1. And of course he was once tapped to play the Man of Steel in a live-action film, Superman Lives! There are famous pictures of him in test suits, and the film[...]
Kevin Smith Would Love To See 'Superman Lives' Emerge As An Animated Film
Even 20 years later, the aborted Kevin Smith penned Superman Lives film continues to be the stuff of fandom legend In one of Smith's recent Facebook Q&A sessions, he was asked what he would think of the idea of bringing his script to life in an animated feature form: Oh like based on my script, based[...]
The name of the script I wrote back in 1996 was called 'Superman Lives.'" Smith was brought on board to write a script for Superman Lives before Tim Burton and Nicolas Cage got involved He tells the story in great detail on the An Evening With Kevin Smith DVD Definitely worth watching him tell the story.[...]
Liam Sharp's Comic Book Designs For Superman Lives
The Death Of Superman Lives is a riproarer of a documentary, finally putting Kevin Smith's take on the movie that never was, against John Peters' take and showing the Nicolas Cage Superman test footage, alongside plenty of interviews from the likes of Tim Burton and lots and lots of production art. Including some from my old mucker, Liam Sharp,[...]
The Death Of Superman Lives – Saturday Trending Topics
I never followed the production of Superman Lives very closely, aside what you'd hear about it re the Kevin Smith script, here and there. But… huh  Looking at the timeline now, here's an interesting little tidbit I never noticed before:  Nic Cage bought his now-infamous high grade copy of Action Comics #1 in 1997 shortly after[...]