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The Cimmerian Writer Sylvain Runberg Speaks on Ablazes Conan Comics

The Cimmerian Writer Sylvain Runberg Speaks on Ablaze's Conan Comics

Credit: Ablaze.[/caption]Sylvian Runberg writes: "When I was offered to do an adaptation of Conan, I was immediately thrilled, and for several reasons. The first is that this character was a part of my childhood, especially with the comics drawn by John Buscema and obviously the film with Arnold Scharwzenegger.But the second, and maybe the most important reason,[...]

Sylvain Runberg Coming To America

Sylvain Runberg, Coming To America

Sylvain Runberg is the author of French graphic novel series Orbital, Darwin's Diaries and Hammerfall. He is also the author chosen to adapt the Millenium novel trilogy as a series of graphic novels for Dupuis. And now… he's coming to America. He wrote on Facebook; Today I've just signed my first US comics/graphic novel contract. […]