"Deadpool" – Well, Ryan Reynolds Anyway, Just Bought A Cellphone Carrier

They sell access to T-Mobile’s cellular network at a much-reduced price, as low as $15 a month by having no retail overhead costs like stores. All Hail The New Cellphone Overlord “Mint Mobile's consumer-centric approach and maniacal focus on generating consumer value has kicked Mint into hyper-growth mode,” Mint's CEO David Glickman said “It’s fitting that the[...]

Twitch Reveals E3 "ESports Arena" Tournament Plans

Well, today Twitch came out swinging first as they revealed the schedule for their entire Twitch ESports Arena, which will be presented by T-Mobile and broadcast live on Twitch's special eSports channel.A new set of tournaments will be happening across all three days of E3, featuring new players every round for Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, Injustice[...]