Tales of Mr. Rhee

Tales of Mr. Rhee Vol. 4 Cover Templesmith

You Only Have One Week Left To Grab The Tales Of Mr. Rhee Vol. 4 Hardcover

Tales of Mr. Rhee is a fun horror series of graphic novels written by one Dirk Manning. Mr. Rhee is a pretty cool character, a magician who helps fix problems in a world already torn apart by armageddon. He only works on referrals, but if you are calling on him for his services, chances are […]

Kickstarting A Mr. Rhee – Write Or Wrong #85 By Dirk Manning

By Dirk Manning (with special thanks to Victor Dandridge Jr.) Dirk Manning writes for Bleeding Cool when he's not writing comics or touring to promote them. Victor Dandridge Jr. prompted this particular column/interview. Yesterday we posted a Write or Wrong column in which Victor Dandridge Jr. and I talked about life on the road, whether […]