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Doctor Who: BBC Releases Compilation Video of Dalek Exterminations
Daleks are made for pulp thrills They are a legacy from World War II – their creator Terry Nation made them stand-ins for Nazis, their voice is a spoof of the British stereotype for what they felt Nazis sounded like, and their current voice actor Nicholas Briggs is now the standard-bearer Daleks have become the[...]
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Their creator Terry Nation was certainly of that generation When you look at them, the Dalek design was "tin-pot" as a mockery of tin-pot despots The Daleks' monosyllabic voices and stiff accents were directly inspired by stereotypical Nazi soldiers' German accents Their genocidal xenophobia was directly from the Nazis' antisemitism and desire to exterminate any[...]
Rose confronts a Dalek on Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.
When Shearman first signed on, the production still had not gotten permission from Dalek creator Terry Nation's estate to use them yet Shearman's original scripts did not feature a Dalek at all He had to use some other alien menace as a substitute That may sound inconceivable now, but Shearman went through draft after draft[...]