The Bard's Tale

Bard's Tale

Wasteland 3 and Bard's Tale IV are Still Porting to PS4

Despite the Microsoft acquisition of inXile Entertainment,  Eurogamer is reporting that both Wasteland 3 and The Bard's Tale IV will still be hitting the PlayStation 4. So that Microsoft buy won't ensure console exclusivity for previously-announced ports. Which is great information, because both Wasteland 3 and Bard's Tale IV are solid games. Eurogamer's report is based on a recent interview with […]

inXile Entertainment Announces The Mage's Tale Coming to PSVR

inXile Entertainment has announced that The Mage's Tale will be coming to the PSVR now that it is launching on the Vive. The Mage's Tale takes place between The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate and the upcoming The Bard's Tale IV. It's a 10+ hour dungeon crawler RPG set in the dungeons below Skara Brae. The Mage's Tale […]

Bard's Tale

The GDC Has Announced The Bard's Tale for the Next Classic Games Postmortem

The Game Developers Conference, or GDC if you will, have announced the next game in their Classic Games Postmortem series. This year they're going with the hilarious and groundbreaking The Bard's Tale and The Bard's Tale II hosted by co-creator Dr. Michael Cranford. And since The Bard's Tale IV is deep in development, this session of the Postmortem […]

The Mages Tale Has A Spectacular Launch Trailer

inXile Entertainment released The Mage's Tale, a VR action RPG on Oculus Rift and Touch today. To celebrate the game's launch, we also got a spectacular looking launch trailer. The game is set between the events of The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate and the upcoming The Bard's Tale IV, and buried deep within the dungeons below Skara […]