Wasteland 3 and Bard's Tale IV are Still Porting to PS4

Bard's Tale
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Despite the Microsoft acquisition of inXile Entertainment,  Eurogamer is reporting that both Wasteland 3 and The Bard's Tale IV will still be hitting the PlayStation 4. So that Microsoft buy won't ensure console exclusivity for previously-announced ports. Which is great information, because both Wasteland 3 and Bard's Tale IV are solid games.

Eurogamer's report is based on a recent interview with inXile founder Brian Fargo. When asked about the Bard's Tale IV port, Fargo told Euorgamer:

I… believe so. I believe so. The only reason I hesitate is I can't remember what we've promised on that. I know we said it was coming to console, in which case there's an asterisk because we haven't thought about it much. If we've said it's specifically coming to PS4 then it's coming to PS4 [inXile has specified PlayStation 4 in a press release]. I'm not trying to evade your question, I can't remember what was promised. Microsoft has already been, like, whatever we promised, we do, so that's absolutely the case.

As for Wasteland 3, that PS4 release was enthusiastically confirmed by Fargo, who replied "That's coming to PS4. Absolutely."

The interview with Eurogamer then strayed into more general territory about changes that might come to the studio now that it has Microsoft's backing, which provided a pretty positive outlook on the acquisition:

We're getting more resources and potentially more time depending on what the project is.

If you look at most of the great developers, from Blizzard to Rockstar, the thing everybody gets in those higher echelons is time. Time is the most precious thing a developer can be given.

Now, I don't expect to start working on five-year production cycles or anything crazy like that – we don't think that way. One of the reasons why Microsoft liked us is we do a pretty good job of punching above our weight. Use Bard's Tale 4 as an example: you had a 50-hour game, 350 speaking parts, 100 minutes of music – I did that with a 35-person team. That's pretty unheard of. When you start thinking, gosh, if we had another 15 people and another three months…

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