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BIG SKY - ÒThe Big RickÓ Ð Still on the search for the missing girls, Cassie grows more suspicious of Legarski after a threatening conversation between the two. Meanwhile, Grace manages to make headway on the girlsÕ quest for freedom. Merilee pleads with Legarski to open up emotionally before itÕs too late, and Helen finally confronts Ronald about his increasingly strange behavior on an all-new episode of ÒBig Sky,Ó TUESDAY, DEC. 1 (10:01-11:01 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Darko Sikman) JOHN CARROLL LYNCH
With Cassie and Jenny (Katheryn Winnick) ramping up their investigation with this week's "The Big Rick" (we're wondering if there might be some horrific irony coming), plans are changed, time becomes more vital than ever, and- some hope? (ABC/Darko Sikman) NATALIE ALYN LIND, JADE PETTYJOHN (ABC/Darko Sikman) GAGE MARSH, KATHERYN WINNICK (ABC/Darko Sikman) KYLIE BUNBURY (ABC/Darko Sikman) BRIAN GERAGHTY (ABC/Darko[...]