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YouTuber Shirley Curry is taking a break to get her health in order.

Skyrim Grandma Has Been On A YouTube Break Thanks To Commenters

Yes, the very gamer that Bethesda itself said would be adding to The Elder Scrolls 6 when it debuts is being treated as if she doesn't know how to play or what she is doing.[caption id="attachment_1211860" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: YouTube[/caption]"My health isn’t very good My blood pressure is going insane," Curry said at the beginning[...]

The Skyrim Grandma Will Be Added to The Elder Scrolls VI

Pete Hines Confirms The Elder Scrolls VI Won't Be Happening Soon

Those of you who are currently waiting with bated breath for The Elder Scrolls VI are going to be waiting a long time, apparently. Back when the announcement trailer was revealed for the game during E3 2018, like a lot of gamers, we naturally assumed this would end up being a next-gen title based on […]

Skyrim Fans Pushing for "Skyrim Grandma" to Become an NPC

The fans of Skyrim are making a genuine online effort to make one specific player an NPC in The Elder Scrolls VI. Shirley Curry is one of the more oddball YouTube celebrities you'll find in the mix that doesn't fit the mold, as she's become known as the Skyrim Grandma. An 82-years-young woman with a channel […]