The Elder Scrolls 6 has an Internal Release Date but Bethesda Won't Tell us Yet

While The Elder Scrolls 6 is shrouded in mystery and reportedly in early pre-production, Bethesda has said that they do have a projection for when they hope the game comes out.

elder scrolls 6

I, along with many was very surprised to see The Elder Scrolls 6 turn up at E3 last week. Especially coming alongside the next core Bethesda game, Starfield, it was a real surprise to see the company speculatively mention a game that must be years away at this point. The team usually likes to take its time on games and with a game in between now and the new Elder Scrolls, well, let's say you should probably get comfy.

Even though the game is reportedly very early in production, it has been hinted that the developer do have a good idea of when they expect the title to turn up. Speaking to GameSpot, Bethesda's Todd Howard explained that the game was still in 'concept and design' phases but that the roadmap is planned out for the title. When asked if he knows what year it will come out, he said:

I do. I would be foolish to say it.

This does at least stoke the fires on when we could expect to see the game, but also just lets us know that it is far enough for a plan to be in place. The game will now likely recede back into the shadows for a few years while Starfield gets its time, but many will almost certainly be asking about the state of the production for some time to come. It's likely going to be one of the most anticipated games for the next few years.