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The Irregular Corporation Reveals New Railroad Sim Railgrade
The Irregular Corporation and developer Minakata Dynamics revealed they will be releasing a new railroad simulator called Railgrade in 2021 Revealed during the Steam Game Festival this week, the game will have you working on some high-tech rail systems with over 30 campaign missions where you must construct railway routes and efficiently deliver valuable resources[...]
The Irregular Corporation Shows Off The Quirky RPG The Good Life
The Irregular Corporation showed off a new game on the way today from White Owls Inc and creator SWERY called The Good Life This is probably the weirdest game we've received all month, which is saying something since we're writing this at the end of November in a string of game releases and two brand[...]
The Irregular Corporation Reveals A Release Date For Mars Horizon
The Irregular Corporation finally revealed this week when they will be releasing their game Mars Horizon to the public The game was developed by Auroch Digital and created with the support of the European Space Agency, which will put you in the position of creating your own space agency Everything from running the facility, building a[...]
The Irregular Corporation Reveals A New Adventure Game Called TOHU
This week, The Irregular Corporation revealed its latest adventure game on the way during EGX Online as they're calling it TOHU You'll be playing in a world of wonderful fish planets as you explore a beautiful space and solve intricate puzzles while trying to discover the truth about a little girl and her mechanical alter-ego,[...]
PC Building Simulator Receieves An Esports Expansion
The Irregular Corporation has released the latest esports expansion for their indie hit onto both Steam and GOG, as you become the engineer behind the talent You'll be building, repairing, and keeping care of towers for multiple clients, eventually becoming part of a team as their tech support, all the way to becoming a master[...]
The Irregular Corporation Announces "Murder By Numbers" For 2020
Mediatonic and The Irregular Corporation have announced this week that Murder By Numbers will be getting a release in early March 2020 The game will be launching in Japan and the West on the Nintendo Switch on March 5th and on Steam on March 6th Thrown back into the mid-'90s, you'll have to solve a string[...]
The Irregular Corporation Announces "Murder By Numbers" For 2020
This week, The Irregular Corporation and Mediatonic announced a new single-player puzzle game on the way called Murder By Numbers The game is designed to be much akin to Phoenix Wright, in a sense, where you play as detectives solving cases by completing puzzles With a style that looks like a dating sim You can[...]
The PC Building Simulator has Sold 100,000 Copies
  After a successful tech demo run in, the PC Building Simulator hit Steam Early Access last month and has sold over 100,000 copies so far according to publisher The Irregular Corporation. While the number may not sound like much compared to the more big-budget games that rake in millions of sales over the course of a month,[...]