The Irregular Corporation Reveals New Railroad Sim Railgrade

The Irregular Corporation and developer Minakata Dynamics revealed they will be releasing a new railroad simulator called Railgrade in 2021. Revealed during the Steam Game Festival this week, the game will have you working on some high-tech rail systems with over 30 campaign missions where you must construct railway routes and efficiently deliver valuable resources. All of which you'll be doing to help rebuild a society with a terrible off-world economy. You can try a demo of the game right now at the link above until the fest ends on February 9th, and you can find out more about the game below.

I've been working on the railroad, longer than I probably should. Courtesy of The Irregular Corporation.
I've been working on the railroad, longer than I probably should. Courtesy of The Irregular Corporation.
Railgrade takes place in a dark, near-future where off-world colonies packed with rich resources are harvested by greedy corporations. However your employer, Nakatani Chemicals, has lost control of one colony following a complete economic collapse – so it's now up to the player to salvage what's left using retrofitted train transport. Develop a vast distribution and logistics network on this faraway planet by controlling the construction of new tracks, and employ strategic routes to efficiently deliver valuable cargo.
Using easy construction tools, you'll need to conquer geography, manage costs, and increase production to create perfect routes with a steady workflow. As your railways begin to bring in capital, you can profit by exporting extra goods via zeppelins, or construct new buildings to help continue the growth of cities. Harness the distribution power of your fleet of customizable trains, while also managing the production process, to maintain a steady flow of resources to your cities which will soon flourish.
Interested applicants to Nakatani Chemicals can download a demo for the game right now on Steam, as part of the Steam Games Festival that starts later today. The demo will give players a glimpse of the future of commerce, with the game's first two missions featured in the single player campaign mode.

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