The Irregular Corporation Reveals A Release Date For Mars Horizon

The Irregular Corporation finally revealed this week when they will be releasing their game Mars Horizon to the public. The game was developed by Auroch Digital and created with the support of the European Space Agency, which will put you in the position of creating your own space agency. Everything from running the facility, building a rocket, and sending it off into space will be under your control. Now we know the game will be released on November 17th for all three major consoles as well as PC, but no word yet if a next-gen version is in the works. What's more, The Irregular Corporation announced that European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake will be streaming Mars Horizon live with Xbox on Twitch from 7-9am PT on October 20th. You can check out the latest trailer below along with images and more info on the game.

You have the agency, now its time to make things happen! Courtesy of Auroch Digital.
You have the agency, now it's time to make things happen! Courtesy of Auroch Digital.
In Mars Horizon, players take control of their very own space agency at the dawn of the space age, as they begin to build their facilities up with the end goal of touching down on the surface of Mars. Players will have to manage the resources of time, science, public support and, of course, funds, as they work to complete missions and send their astronauts into space. Players will also contend with other major space agencies who have the same goal, choosing to work together or venture out on their own. During missions, players will be faced with tense turn-based gameplay that will determine their success or failure. Every single decision is critical, do you spend power to fix a malfunctioning antenna or save it in case of an oxygen leak? Perhaps risking that extra three months of mission planning could have avoided this issue?

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