The Irregular Corporation Shows Off The Quirky RPG The Good Life

The Irregular Corporation showed off a new game on the way today from White Owls Inc. and creator SWERY called The Good Life. This is probably the weirdest game we've received all month, which is saying something since we're writing this at the end of November in a string of game releases and two brand new consoles dropping. Originally a successful Kickstarter campaign now being published by TIC, the game revolves around a reporter who has come to a sleepy little town where everyone seems happy, but she knows there's something sinister going on. Can you help her put together the clues of what's happening here? The game will drop on all three consoles and PC sometime in the summer of 2021, but for now, enjoy the trailer.

What's so special about this town where everyone is happy? Courtesy of The Irregular Corporation.
What's so special about this town where everyone is happy? Courtesy of The Irregular Corporation.
In The Good Life, players take on the role of New-York based photographer Naomi when life's events lead her to the quaint, rural English town of Rainy Woods. On the surface, it seems as if all of the villagers are living the good life. But as Naomi begins to pay off her debts with photography and odd part-time jobs, she finds that not everything is as it seems in the 'happiest town in the world.' Shapeshifting residents are only the beginning of the mystery that Naomi must unravel in The Good Life.

Use your detective skills and master the art of investigative photojournalism to capture the secrets of Rainy Woods. Keep your wits about you as you take on quirky-but-satisfying part-time jobs to make ends meet, but be careful not to overdo it – you'll catch a cold if you don't practice self-care. Save money and live off the land by growing your own garden, make friends (and possibly enemies) and begin to live the good life in Rainy Woods – especially after you acquire your very own trusty sheep to ride around town. (Yes, really.)

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