The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury


How To Get Every Issue Of Locke & Key For $15

Now Joe Hill and IDW follow Robert Kirkman and Image. Via Humble Bundle, Hill and IDW offer what looks like all currently published issues of Locke & Key, plus assorted Joe Hill written comics for $15. Particularly interesting to me is the Ray Bradbury tribute collection Shadow Show, which contains contributions from Eddie Campbell, Audrey […]

A Friday Evening With Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer Is Packed With Special Guests – And Are These Events Going To Be a New York Thing Now?

Things seem to be coming full circle for Gaiman and Palmer as they enter a new era of working together through live performance.Gaiman read his story, “The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury” aloud, about the difficulties of language and memory, attempting to “remember forward” and emblazon significant works of literature on the public consciousness through[...]