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The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie Debuts Theatrically December 1st
The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie is the highly-anticipated film conclusion of the hugely popular romantic comedy series that follows five lovely young girls who hate studying and hire part-time tutor Futaro, who guides not only their education but also their hearts The film is coming to theaters in North America this Friday, December 2 The first[...]
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This will include hit series as like Attack on Titan, The Ghost in the Shell, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Edition, FAIRY TAIL, Fire Force, The Quintessential Quintuplets, and more, all from their Android devices, Nintendo Switch and on the web The Kodansha library will also be available on Izneo's iOS app in the coming[...]
Crunchyroll Winter 2019: Final Slate of Anime Shows Announced
Now that he's saved the world once or twice, more trouble is headed his way, and there's only so much one boy can handle. (Premieres 1/11/2019) The Quintessential Quintuplets Uesugi Fuutarou, a high school second-year from a poor family, receives a highly appealing offer to work part-time as a tutor… but his students turn out to be[...]