The Right Hand of Doom

Hellboy Funko Pop 6

Hellboy Is A Perfect Funko Pop And You Need One

Hellboy is a Funko Pop. One of my personal most-anticipated Funko lines, I have been patiently waiting for years for this guy to come out. I still need to track down the rest of the wave. I still need to find the chase Hellboy with magnificent horns. But I have a Funko Hellboy. And boy […]

Unboxing Hellboy's Right Hand Of Doom Red Ale And Watching Horns

This is not a beer review. I'll leave that to our Booze Geek Dylan Gonzales who has, I have heard, already ordered Rogue's newly announced Right Hand of Doom Hellboy Red Ale. But I did get an elongated box delivered to the door recently in freezing weather and tonight decided to break it out at […]