The Venture Brothers

Gravity Falls Venture Bros &#038 More MIA Animated Series Needing New Eps

Gravity Falls, Venture Bros & More MIA Animated Series Needing New Eps

Here's five to get us started. "The Venture Brothers" While technically this show hasn't been canceled, we have been waiting for a new season for almost two years It's always been worthwhile to give Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer the time and space they need to deliver the goods, but this is a gentle nudge that it's[...]

Space Ghost Metalocalypse &#038 More: 7 Binge-Worthy Adult Swim Shows

"Space Ghost", "Metalocalypse" & More: 7 Binge-Worthy Adult Swim Shows

Adult Swim has stepped up to combat all of this staying at home and "involuntary social distancing" by making a ton of their content available to stream for free. This is in many ways perfect, as this takes me back to a couple of decades ago adolescence, when I'd stay home most Friday nights and […]

Valiant Effort: Like This Youll Like That &#8211 X-O Manowar Archer &#038 Armstrong Edition

Valiant Effort: Like This? You'll Like That – X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong Edition

Howard, Conan has been doing battle since the 1930's in pulp magazines, comic books, television, and film.  Conan’s long presence in fiction include a comic book series running almost continuously since the 70's, two movies in the 80's and three television series in the 90's.  I think arguments can be made that Conan's importance to the pulp[...]