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Marauders #2 Digs Up Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation
Today's Giant-Size X-Men: Thunderbird #1 by Nyla Rose, Steve Orlando and David Culter sees the return of John Proudstar, the first X-Man to die, back to life as part of the Krakoan Resurrection protocols But it's another dive to the mutant past that caught my attention. Giant-Size X-Men: Thunderbird #1 With the work of The Heritage Initiative[...]
Wrestler Nyla Rose Revives Thunderbird For Marvel Comics X-Men
Including John Proudstar, the first X-Man to die – and stay dead. X-Men: The Trial Of Magneto #5 Now Marvel Comics is publishing Giant-Size: Thunderbird #1 in April, to be written by All Elite Wrestling performer Nyla Rose as well as writer Steve Orlando and First Nations artist David Cutler. Giant-Size: Thunderbird #1 Together the trio will grapple with[...]
Blair Redford's Character On New X-Men TV Show 'Gifted' Revealed
After the reveal that the show is in someway connected to the name Gifted, either as a working title or the official name of the show, Matt Nix's new X-Men TV show from Fox has seen numerous elements of new information leak out from the set. It is unclear at this time if these are official,[...]