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Cyborg #22 cover by Will Conrad and Ivan Nunes
It's a disconcerting trend. Cyborg #22 art by Tom Derenick, Wil Quintana, and Pete Pantazis Tom Derenick's artwork is undeniably the best part of the comic It brings its own style and even adds some visual personality to Vic Cyborg himself looks quite good, and the giant robots have a simple yet appealing design to their chassis[...]
Titans Annual #2 cover by Paul Pelletier, Andrew Hennessy, and Adriano Lucas
Mallah's huffing and puffing about Brain's distance and arrogance does veer dangerously close to the realm of melodrama, but it never fully crosses that line. Titans Annual #2 art by Tom Grummett, Cam Smith, Mick Gray, Trevor Scott, and Adriano Lucas Tom Grummett and Tom Derenick split the penciling on this issue, and both halves look very[...]
Cyborg #21 cover by Dale Eaglesham and Ivan Nunes
Also, Cyborg effectively has a healing factor, and it's never explained why that can't just save him this time around. Cyborg #21 art by Tom Derenick, Scott Kolins, and Wil Quintana Tom Derenick and Scott Kolins tag-team for the art on this one, and the resulting book looks quite good Their styles coincide quite well, leaving the[...]
Green Lanterns #41 cover by Will Conrad and Ivan Nunes
She comes to care for our Green Lanterns on some level. Green Lanterns #41 art by Barnaby Bagenda, Tom Derenick, Mick Gray, and Ulises Arreola The art leaves a bit to be desired While there are undoubtedly some good panels, many scenes are noticeably light on detail at a relatively short draw distance The inking is a[...]
Superman's Rebirth Costume Loses More Red
Artist Tom Derenick shared the turnaround of Superman he did showing the character's look for Rebirth It's from the design originally done by Jim Lee So first the red shorts went, now the red boots. // Well, I've been seeing this image popping up around the web so I guess it's ok for me to finally[...]