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The Daily LITG, 16th December 2019 – Miss You Tom
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. It would have been Tom Spurgeon's birthday today Julian Dassai drew this portrait of Spurgeon for his memorial on Saturday at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum,  with Emi Gennis and Laurenn McCubbin.  The 10 most-read stories yesterday DC Cancelled Collections – Absolute Fables, John Byrne's[...]
Comic Book Folk Remember Tom Spurgeon
Woke up this morning to the news that Tom Spurgeon of The Comics Journal, Comics Reporter, and so much more, had passed. i will save this comics industry to the ground — Tom Spurgeon (@comicsreporter) July 15, 2017 I always valued Tom, he had my back, and at some of my lowest periods, would send words of encouragement[...]
Hey, Tom Spurgeon! Comics!
Tom Spurgeon is in a dungeon it seems Especially on a day like this Here are a few books that Tom could add to his list on Comics Reporter if he so wished All out in the US today, in the style of his usual column. MAR151345 VERITY FAIR GN $24.95 Somewhere between Love And Rockets, Posy[...]
Jen Vaughn Leaves Fantagraphics For Her Own Comics
Tom Spurgeon interviewed someone who we have seen as the face of Fantagraphics Books at many a show, Jen Vaughn, on her decision to hand in her notice to work on her own comic books full time. But on what comics? Well she works in a studio with The Walking Dead's Stefano Gaudiano, Star Wars' Brian Thies, and Jonah Hex's Moritat, the latter[...]
Small Press Favorite Picture Box, Inc. Announces Closure
And thank you, readers and book lovers, for your support. PictureBox books will remain available to stores and individuals through my distributors and this web site. Tom Spurgeon's The Comics Reporter had some more observations to add about Picture Box after speaking to Nadel directly: What Nadel couldn't guarantee, and which had become a major concern having recently[...]
Saturday Runaround – A Lazy Weekend
Oh, also, there's a free copy of Hellblazer #1. SpiderWatch: Tom Spurgeon shares sixteen thoughts on Amazing Spider-Man #1-#150 BatWatch: Was Bat Beat by Radar really planned by Warner Bros to be released alongside The Dark Knight Rises, but canned because Christopher Nolan liked it too much? Unlikely, but that's the PR spin they are putting on[...]
Where To Find Me On Thursday At San Diego Comic Con
And you will all be forced to buy it by William Christensen, on pain of being tortured, Crossed-style. And then I have to kill time in the same room for six hours until 7pm where, alongside Heidi MacDonald, Laura Hudson, Tom Spurgeon, I'll be on the Bleeding Alliance Of Beat Reporters panel The title of which[...]