Tony Isabella: "JIM SHOOTER IS A LIAR!"

Greetings, comrades! It is I, your El Presidente, taking a break from my important work of promoting the global spread of socialism to bring you a DRAMA ALERT from the world of comic books. Tony Isabella is angry at Jim Shooter again, or perhaps more accurately, is angry at Jim Shooter still. One of Isabella's fans brought up a long interview with Shooter in which Shooter made comments that Isabella disagrees with. The famously outspoken Isabella took to his Facebook page to let the world know how he feels!

Tony Isabella shares his thoughts on Jim Shooter
Tony Isabella shares his thoughts on Jim Shooter


I hate having to bother with crap like this, but lies must be challenged. In my bloggy thng comments, a reader mentioned some seven-hour long interview with Jim Shooter and asked if I would ever do such thing. The reader mentioned some things Shooter said about me which were blatant lies. My response:

"So the Shooter interview was fiction, then? Because that guy knows nothing about me and has lied about things that involved me on such a regular basis he could have been a Trump press secretary. He lies about other things as well. But, to answer your question, probably not. Unless it was conducted by a comics historian whose work I respect."

I don't need a long discussion thread about this. I simply want to state that, at least when it comes to me…


Thank you and I sincerely hope we don't have to talk about this again.

Isabella doesn't go on to reveal exactly what he took issue with, but it's a safe bet he's probably upset about the same argument he and Shooter have been having in the media for forty-five years: the one about "The Friend" back in Ghost Rider comics in 1976. Shooter claims that Isabella wanted Ghost Rider to overtly accept Jesus Christ as his savior and redeem his soul. Isabella claims it was not so overt. Whatever the case, Shooter made changes to the comic and the two have been bitter enemies ever since.

Comrades, I once got in a very similar argument with my good amigo Fidel Castro back in the 90s over whether or not Bolivarianism is the best form of socialism, and we didn't speak to each other for ten years after that. Even worse, we both wanted to drop the whole thing and agree that at the very least all forms of socialism are better than imperialist American capitalism and that all capitalists must die like dogs. But when you have two proud dictators in a public disagreement, comrades, it is difficult to patch things up without one of them coming off looking like the lesser leader, and then your subjects start to get ideas about revolution, and then you have to crush them, and then your secret police want to be paid overtime, and it's a whole big thing, comrades.

Luckily, Fidel and I were able to come up with a way to patch things up without either of us losing face. We blamed the whole thing on a disinformation campaign by the American CIA! Maybe that's what Jim and Tony should do here, comrades. Let me know if you need any pointers, guys. Haw haw haw haw!

Until next time, my friends: socialism or death.

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