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Comics and Complication: Depictions of Women in Western Comics
Credit: Top Cow Productions Sarah Pezzini, in the scant Witchblade armor, is a striking image in any rendition, fully equipped and covered or with next to nothing left to the imagination First impressions depend on one's unique introduction to comic books as a whole However, it was clear with very few brushstrokes from Marc Silvestri that[...]
SDCC '15: Industry Editors Provide An Insider View And Advice On Editing
Making up the panel of experts included Chris Ryall, IDW's Editor-in-Chief; Barbara Kesel, Consultant and formerly with DC Comics; Matt Hawkins, Top Cow Productions' Publisher; Shannon Eric Denton, Lions Forge Editor-in-Chief; and David Wohl, writer and former editor at Radical Comics. The first attendee asked for tips about putting together an anthology Kesel responded that it[...]