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A look at Titans season 2 (Image: WarnerMedia)
Television confirmed Walters' new status with entertainment website, which would see Jason Todd return to the series for the first time proper since first season episode "Jason Todd." Walters did appear in season finale "Dick Grayson," but that "Jason Todd" was nothing more than part of a fantasy created by Trigon to enslave Dick[...]
The Comic Book History Behind Justice League Vs Teen Titans
From the first appearance of Superman, Raven's connection to Trigon or just when Beast Boy joined the Titans, this video is a pretty good primer for anyone needing a brush up on there Teen Titans history. Justice League Vs Teen Titans is set to be released in just over a month [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Jon Bernthal Adds Another Comic Role In Justice League Vs Teen Titans
To go with that, TVInsider got the exclusive voice cast and it includes some familiar names. Seems it's not enough for Jon Bernthal to be part of the Walking Dead and Marvel universes, now he moves over to play the villain Trigon, one of the Teen Titans greatest enemies and the father of Titan member Raven.(voiced[...]
Twenty-Three Thoughts About Twenty-Three Comics – It Came, Astonishing X-Men, Black Manta, The Riddler, Mongul, Mister Freeze, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time: Candy Capers, Court Of Owls, Solomon Grundy,  Avengers, Fantastic Four, Harley Quinn, Avengers Arena, Kick Ass 3, Trigon, Sidekick, Killer Frost, Prophet, Manhattan Projects, Indestructible Hulk, Hit List And Robocop
By the way, can you even get Hello kitty cards? I suppose Hit Girl can… And Trigon goes far more Mark Millar on us, than Kick Ass did this week. And with DC Villains Month getting all obsessed with parental issues, Sidekick goes for the jugular And everything other vein it seems. Killer Frost deals with some rather[...]