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A Guide To Recognising Your Trolls: Concept Art From The Troll Hunter
They're big, they're ugly and they smell like the inside of a vegetable drawer in a student flat, but how much do you really know about trolls? André Øvredal's film The Troll Hunter is getting ready for a UK release on September 9th, and we at Bleeding Cool were sent these concept art sketches by artist[...]
Review – Troll Hunter Is A Joyfully Demented Nature Mockumentary
Spend too much time looking closely at penguins or giraffes or duck-billed platypi and you will find yourself starting to think, "Oh come on, nature, you can't really be serious?" On that note, let's talk about The Troll Hunter, a film about nature at its very silliest. Because despite what the trailer and posters might have lead[...]