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Modern Masters #30 Spotlights Paolo Rivera
Twomorrows publishing's series Modern Masters has showcased some of the greatest talents in the comic book industry including Alan Davis, George Perez, Bruce Timm, Walter Simonson, Mike Ploog and many many more With the 30th volume of the series they turn their spotlight on comic illustrator Paolo Rivera. Eisner and Harvey Award-winner Paolo Rivera grew up[...]
As 'Hip And With It' As Marvel Would Allow – Denis Kitchen On Working With Robert Crumb, Will Eisner, And Stan Lee At Heroes Con 2014
He's also donating "most of the mechanicals" to Columbia, the Photostats, headlines, and physical object sheets that printers would then photograph for publication, which may be a "slice of information you couldn't find anywhere else" for students to help fill the "frustrating gaps" for those who love comics history but can't find resources. Comic Book Creator[...]