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Superman's Editors Again Fail To Remove His Underwear
Recently we noticed that between preview…. … and publication…. …C comics managed to edit out the red trunks from the Superman image on a newspaper front page.   Superman's classic red trunks, his underwear on top of his trousers as some see it as, were originally modelled on the shorts worn over tights in wrestling exhibition matches in the[...]
Superhero Underwear For Adults
These are the Underarmour Alter Ego Baselayer tops licensed from Marvel and DC. Apparently "UA Compression gives your muscles that extra boost they need
DC Looks To Super Villains… For Diesel Underwear
Consumer Products EMEA collaborating with Diesel on a second collection of DC Comics underwear for men in the EMEA region. The EMEA region? I've never heard it called that before. Oh, sorry, that's the European, Middle East and African region Sorry, I got confused. Anyway, apparently Diesel's first DC Super Heroes "intimates" range, and yes that is what[...]
Diesel DC Boxer Shorts Licence Is Hilarious
There has been superhero underwear around for ages You know, for kids Then they started making them in larger sizes For big kids But they still looked the same So what do you do if you want to wear superhero underwear but don't want it to look all kiddy? Is there an equivalent of the[...]