"Tokyo Dark -Remembrance-" Heads To The PS4 This Week

The PS4 library gets a little darker this week as UNTIES along with  Cherrymochi and mebius bring Tokyo Dark -Remembrance- to the console The game was released a couple of months ago for the Nintendo Switch, with other console versions on the way Today the PS4 version has been released with new content, including additional endings and[...]

Fireball Japanese Air Combat in Wing Of Darkness at PAX East 2019

Fireball Japanese Air Combat in Wing Of Darkness at PAX East 2019

We tend not to see a ton of flight combat games at conventions because the games usually sell themselves, so it was a rarity for us to check out Wing Of Darkness from Unties at PAX East But the game was part of the booth we were checking out from the company, and the Production[...]

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The Weapon Is Key While Playing Olija at PAX East 2019

During PAX East we took a visit over to the Unties booth to see what new games they had in store, and the first we were introduced to was Olija Developed by Skeleton Crew Studio who used pixel art to mimic something you might see from an older Atari game, they've beautifully created a screen-changing[...]

Feeling Some Throwback Love with Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers at PAX West

Another title from UNTIES, this is an 8-player racer where you're battling it out in rather blocky cars as you race around the track and fight each other in battles The minute we took off down the track, I had a feeling of nostalgia wave over me as the racing aspect plays almost exactly like R.C[...]

UNTIES Brings Fighting Balloons with Battlloon to the PAX West Floor

The short version is that you pick a balloon color and a balloon creature to fight as you go head-to-head in a four-player mayhem battle.[caption id="attachment_913957" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//UNTIES[/caption]You can rocket yourself across the screen into your opponents and send them crashing into the walls, but as you break pieces of the walls apart, you'll[...]