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Kids And Violence In Today's Comics. Literally, Today's Comics.
"But Sally stole my sweets." I can see the conversations continuing long and hard… But it may have put my in the right frame of mind to see the cacophony of child violence in today's comics batch Here are a few that caught my eye… Wonder Woman #0 Red Hood And The Outlaws #0 Princess Amethyst #0 Nightwing #0 The Walking[...]
It's 2012. Do You Know Where Your Comic Book Children Are?
What is up with children in comic books today? Or, rather, this week? Picking up a few comics and reading them, we have Miles Morales hitting his icon and inspiration with a dabilitating venom sting. The young Talia Al'Ghul taking it out on an innocent tree. And, bloody hell, Hit Girl using an in-teddy beear handgun. We need[...]
Fox News Slams DC Comics Over Sex And Violence
"Graphic violence and sex, that's what you'll find in the pages of DC Comics today." That's how the Fox 5 News in Washington DC report began, taking on Catwoman, Red Hood and Detective Comics But see if you can find the disconnect here. "Today's superheroes would make Archie and Veronica blush" – Sherry Ly, Fox reporter. "They more[...]