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"Oh My God You're Screwing Up Hundreds Of Years Of Continuity" – Walt Simonson On The Origin Of Beta Ray Bill
Walt Simonson describes where exactly Beta Ray Bill came from, at Fan Expo Canada… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3hd-CEIxsQ[/youtube] Walt Simonson describes where exactly Beta Ray Bill came from, at Fan Expo Canada… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3hd-CEIxsQ[/youtube] Walt Simonson describes where exactly Beta Ray Bill came from, at Fan Expo Canada… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3hd-CEIxsQ[/youtube] [...]
IDW Announces New Artist Editions Of The Maxx, Hellboy, Star Slammers, Romita Spider-Man, Marvel Covers And Basil Wolverton's Horizontal Weird Worlds UPDATE
(and see the end for an updated write-up of the panel). Recreations of the original art for Sam Kieth's Maxx… Mike Mignola's Hellboy… Walt Simonson's Star Slammers… Classic Marvel Covers, a very thick volume recreating the original cover art for Marvel in the sixties and seventies. More John Romita Spider-Man Artist Editions… Not only the Basil Wolverton Weird Worlds Artist Edition[...]
Friday Trending Topics: Closing In On The Avengers Aliens
Could they be… Korbinites? And does that help explain Walt Simonson's high-profile return to Marvel on Avengers?  At this point, I think there's probably a pretty good case to be made for the Badoon as well, but, well… who wouldn't like to see Thor vs Beta Ray Bill on film, eventually?  It's been entertaining speculating[...]
Thursday Trending Topics: Bendis, Simonson, Avengers
Nobody doesn't like those rather wonderful Avengers #25 pages that Marvel sneak previewed today,  written by Bendis and drawn by Walt Simonson Walt, good to have you back. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Everybody Stop And Look At Walter Simonson's Artwork For Avengers #25  As you were. STOLEN: Trailer With Thousands Of Avatar Comics And Graphic Novels  Avatar Press has suffered[...]
Friday Trending Topics: September Simonson
 Welcome back, Walt Simonson, hope this is a new start of more to come. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Will You Sign The Petition For Rob Granito To Come Back To Comic Cons? So this petition recently went up on iPetitions. Walt Simonson Original Graphic Novel From DC Comics – The Judas Coin But today, DC Comics went all official[...]
Tuesday Trending Topics: Simonson On The Avengers
  The announcement that Walt Simonson will do a six issue stint with Bendis on The Avengers seems to have everyone's attention today, and with good reason  Not only is Simonson a fantastic artist and storyteller, but he understands how to develop that sense of wonder with his work as well as anyone who has drawn[...]
Walt Simonson Returns To Marvel With Brian Bendis For Avengers
From the Marvel Liveblogs today.. Walt Simonson is the new artist of The Avengers comic, with Brian Bendis, starting with issue 25, for six issues And it's all very Avengers Vs X-Men. It seemed that Walt Simonson had some issues with Marvel management after a couple of projects went a little sour a decade ago But everything[...]