Walter Flanagan

Walt Flanagan Covers Chaos And Dynamite Forgot A Vampirella

Any retailer who maintains or increases their current orders of Chaos! #2 [any combination] can order as many Chaos! #2 Flanagan Rare Reorder Incentive Edition (featuring the artwork of Walter Flanagan, star of AMC's Comic Book Men and co-creator of Cryptozoic Man) as desired This cover is being printed without an MSRP.To help promote this cover,[...]

Exclusive Extended Previews – Cryptozoic Man #3 and Li'l Vampi

We've got to extended preview for you today, the first is by two guys from AMC's Comic Book Men, writer Bryan Johnson and artist Walter Flanagan.. Cryptozoic Man #3 More information on this comic is available here.The second book is part of the Li'l Dynamites event, Li'l Vampy[...]