Fortress Festoon: Exploring Geeky Jewelry and Watches from ThinkGeek
We're talking watches and jewelry While the use of a watch has pretty much be phased out by a modern generation using the digital clock on their phones, having a physical watch is now a fashion statement, which you can utilize to show off your passions of geek culture Jewelry, on the other hand, is[...]
Time To Go Back To The Future! We Review Tokyoflash's Satellite-X Watch
The second of the Tokyoflash watches we received for review in July is called the Satellite-X from Kisai Before we delve into this one, I just want to point out that I enjoy seeing films and televisions shows where they create some kind of future technology you can't explain but it works out to be[...]
Primeval: New World May Need To Be Censored Before It Airs In The UK
A Canadian spinoff of the ITV and Watch show Primeval, airing on Space, may have hit a small bump. The new series, Primeval New World has a new British cast member, Danny Rahim as weapons expert Mac Rendell, and the script has been written accordingly, with some British epithets to boot. Such as "shite" and "buggered off". Which[...]
The Walking Dead #100 Watch For San Diego Comic Con
I have my Vannen Walking Dead Watch But dammit if my other wrist isn't suddenly aching for the Vannen Walking Dead #100 Watch, with art from Charlie Adlard. Just think, you can walk around with a spoiler for anyone who has seen the show but not the comic, on your very wrist, spmething you can threaten[...]
When Robert Kirkman Signs The Walking Dead Watches
We were the first to tell you about this second Walking Dead Vannen Watch, debuting at San Diego Comic Con alongside Walking Dead #100 and the Michonne poncho figure. But when does Robert Kirkman find the time to sign the watch cases? Actually… right now He's doing it right now Here's the proof. I wonder if[...]